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1.3.1 Case Frame After scanning the event streams, we found that there are three kinds of data patterns (Table 1.4). Table 1.4 Three data patterns in event streams UML Sequence Diagram | Case Frame | Zachman Framework --- | --- | --- Sequence diagram 1 | Use case 1 | Sequence diagram 1 Sequence diagram 2 | Use case 2 | Sequence diagram 2 Sequence diagram 3 | Use case 3 | Sequence diagram 3 Sequence diagram 4 | Use case 4 | Sequence diagram 4 Use case 1. Use case of filling in a form to register an order. 1. Create the form in the ordering system. 2. Filling in the form of user (order) registration and pay (order) and click the "send" button. 3. Verify whether the order information is complete and complete the order form. Use case 2. Use case of depositing the phone in the system and determine the output time. 1. Make a phone call to the first bank in Beijing. 2. Register the time and number of the receiver (bank employee) and put down the receiver. 3. Deposit the phone in the system. 4. Verify the time of deposit in the system and the deposit information is correct. Use case 3. Use case of processing the deposit to the bank. 1. Input the phone, deposit the money into the bank's account, and withdraw. 2. Verify the account information and the phone is not left behind. 3. Use the phone to make another deposit. 4. Call the original bank to withdraw the money and take out the phone. 5. Take the phone back to the original bank to process it and the money is returned to the account. 6. Return to the service center to process the new phone. 7. The money is deducted from the account and the new phone is returned to the customer. Use case 4. Use case of driving with the car. 1. Drive the car to the service center to process the registration. 2. Register the car. 3. Buy the car. 4. Register the car into the service center. 5. Repair the car. 6. Return the car to the service center. 7





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Visual Paradigm For Uml 8.2 Crack elined

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